Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon App Reviews

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Doesn't work

Trying to track my husband. All I get is a blank screen. Worthless!! Don't put features on an app that don't work!


It's not even working. I just have a blank pink screen. sad ! Had my hopes up. But hey, TQL is right there with their ad ! good job !


The Scan Bib For Results function does not work. We tried scanning 3 different bibs then tried manually entering the bib numbers, all without success - even hours after the race when the results were online. The Friend Finder will not work either because the PIN Request fails every time it's attempted.


App is ok, but it's not okay to default to using my location in the background. Problem solved, I deleted it and can use the website instead.

Won't work

The app won't work at all. Only a pink background with no information.

Awesome app!

Love the new app this year - can't wait to use friend finder on race day to find my family! The maps also look great.

Doesn't work

Just displays a pink background.


Downloaded and deleted several times. Still only getting a pink background-like screen.

Nothing display

It won't display any info. I have location services and notifications off, which I will not enable. Don't know if that's the reason or not.

Poor app

Feels like a mobile website. Not sure if they actually tried to think about the user. Really poorly done.

agreed. not really an app.

opening schedule pages says that there's nothing on the schedule. maps has only 2 route maps and nothing on parking, where the people who came with racers might be able to wait/ meet their runners. little of use. purpose seems to be to ensure that you go to the five points in the expo, nothing really of value beyond that.

Not really an app.

This is not really an app, it's just a direct access to the flying pig website really. When you go to the tracking results page, you will see what I am talking about. Pretty disappointed.

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